Paper Sessions

  • Four presentations per session
  • 20 minutes per paper (time includes presentation and Q/A)
  • Multi-media rooms are provided with PC computer, PC-ready projector standard S/V equipment
  • Presenters wishing to use their own laptop and specialized equipment, connectors, and cables to connect to PC-ready projector
  • All student submitted entries have the option to be considered for regional student paper competitions
  • Special sessions are welcome (contact Darren Bardati,, for coordination)

Poster Session

  • Materials, both textual and visual, should be of professional quality and be clearly legible from a distance of four feet. Poster dimensions of 48 in. in width and 36 in. in height are recommended. Neither dimension may exceed 48 in.
  • Text should be limited to brief statements
  • Posters are exhibited for informal browsing with opportunities for discussion with authors
  • There will be a dedicated room (Centennial Theatre Lobby) to host all the poster presentations

Special Needs

  • Poster or paper presenters with special needs should contact Darren Bardati (